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Here you will find byBoDesigns products all of which fulfil our mission to combine beautiful, light shapes with excellent functionalism and a high degree of safety.

We strive to design and produce furniture that is practical, ergonomic and ensures our consideration for the environment  throughout. Last but not least, it has many innovative features such as being easy to mountand clean, as well as space saving and extra storage.

- I always try to think what else  can one offer in a piece of furniture? For example, smart solutions for storage and hanging, making it less bulky, easy to clean, accessible for wheelchair - bound parents...

Bo Ekström, founder of ByBoDesign, combines in his own special way a feeling for light, Scandinavian shapes with his uncompromising demand for quality, safety and function. He uses honest and real materials such as wood,glass, steel, stone, natural materials.  Bo has two catchwords: form and function.

Being environmental friendly has been an important value right from the start, both in the choice of material as well as the by the guarantee  that the products have a long life. (There is too much waste. I stand for design that doesn't age).

- My heart has always beat an extra beat for beauty. I want to simplify in order to create a light feeling of almost flying . I use technology and solid mechanics to create a sense of lightness and still make furniture that can resist wear and tear.